Just because our travel plans are temporarily on hold, doesn’t mean that we can’t start saving and dreaming of our vacations when the world gets back to normal. For many Canadians, the next destinations that they’re looking to explore are in South America. If you’ve already spent summer vacations in Europe and escaped the cold winter in the Caribbean, this continent has a host of natural beauty and bustling cities to explore. Thankfully, SouthAmerica.travel, the leading travel consultants with 20 years of experience planning the custom vacations and itineraries, have shared their tips on where to visit first based on your travel style.

If someone was planning their first trip to South America, where do you recommend going?

SouthAmerica.travel: For that, we interview the traveller, however, for somebody not worried about flying too much:  Rio->Iguassu->Buenos Aires->Lima/Cusco/Machu Picchu.  Secondly, we recommend choosing one country/region and concentrate on that, which is what we recommend. Either Peru, Rio & Amazon Cruise, Patagonia (Argentine and Chile sides).

How much time should they travel?

SouthAmerica.travel: Two to three weeks. Remember, while you stay almost within the same time zone, you lose two days since most flights down and back up are overnight!

Do you have a favourite spot in South America?

SouthAmerica.travel: Paraty to relax, Inhotim to get inspired, and São Paulo when I am in need of a sophisticated weekend.



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Any tips for travelling South America on a budget?

SouthAmerica.travel: Choose a country that has a Purchasing Power advantage: Careful, that changes from year to year! Currently, Argentina is rather affordable, so is most of Brazil outside of Rio and São Paulo. Travel during the “lowest” season in April, May, and June is the most economical. Peru is also a great option because travellers can get really great quality (i.e., food, hotel, travel, etc.) for a relatively low price…plus Machu Picchu is on everyone’s bucket list.

Where in South America would you travel to if you wanted to splurge?

SouthAmerica.travel: We recommend remote beach resorts in Brazil, luxury lodges in Patagonia. Also, Antarctica and Fernando de Noronha.

On average, without including flights, how much do you recommend budgeting for a 2-week trip to South America?

SouthAmerica.travel: We recommend around $4,000 USD for a two-week trip to South America that involves a mix of countries and sightseeing tours, and the occasional really nice hotel with incredible views of the beach. Of course, you can choose budget-friendly options, but it’s possible for the quality of the experiences to be much lower. Remember, this is not your yearly trip to Florida! You don’t know when or if you’ll ever come back.


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Where to Go in South America

For couples: We recommend Mendoza for amazing wine-related experiences, as well as Patagonia, Minas Gerais, and Antarctica.

For groups: We recommend our South America Deluxe tour, as it highlights everything essential when exploring South American, including the Galapagos Islands.

For a solo traveller: We recommend Ecuador and Uruguay as they’re safe, easy to get around via cars or public transportation, and they both have relaxed atmospheres.

For Family: For a family, we recommend Peru as there’s something for the entire family to enjoy.


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If you’re looking for adventure?

SouthAmerica.travel:  Pantanal, Amazon, Patagonia, hiking in the Andes – Also, Guayana!

If you’re looking for relaxation?

SouthAmerica.travel: Someplace remote, yet with a good vibe/restaurants / some soft entertainment like Paraty, Ilha Grande, or at a wine lodge in Mendoza in the Andes.

If you’re looking for great food?

SouthAmerica.travel: We recommend Argentina & Peru for more mainstream and well-known dishes.

If you’re looking for art?

SouthAmerica.travel: São Paulo, Buenos Aires, special mention here for Inhotim: The biggest open-air museum for Modern Art, Modern Landscaping and Modern Architecture. It is so big that you should budget two days for it. Located in the Colonial Heart of Brazil near Ouro Preto and Belo Horizonte.


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