For flights longer than a few hours, finding that ideal position to get comfortable and sleep for a little bit can be tough. That slight recline that economy airline seats offer might not be enough to relax. The Montreal-based travel company Volprivé has designed the travel essentials to keep you cozy in-flight made of the finest Italian merino wool.  To help you stay comfortable during a long-haul flight, here are some of our travel essentials.

A Comfortable Blanket

On most overnight flights, that little blanket the airline gives you adds a touch of warmth but not enough to keep you cozy overnight. The AVENTURE blanket was designed to be big enough to wrap your whole body with warmth, yet lightweight and easy to transport.  Pop yours into one of their BON VOYAGE Volprivé travel bags that easily attach onto a carry-on bag keeping your items dry and easy to access when you need them.

A Travel Pillow

Depending on your in-flight sleeping style, finding the right travel pillow that matches it is important. Do you prefer a window-seat snuggle? Or mode of an up-right aisle seat sleeper? Or do you fold forward and rest your head on the tray table? Volprivé has designed the LUNA travel pillow offers the perfect comfort with its memory foam and support with magnets attachments. For someone looking for a bit of extra support in-air, the NUAGE travel pillow is made from memory foam by Zedbed that has a unique composition for perfect support and can be used as a neck pillow, headrest or lumbar support.

An Eye Mask

Rest your eyes and calm your mind in-flight with the  MÉDITATION eyeshade. This eyeshade come with a removable bead-filled pad that blocks out light and relaxes your eyes with a the lightly weighted feeling that promotes relaxation. It is also made of 100% extra fine merino wool for the shade and a bamboo and spandex blend for the strap for a durable and comfortable design. 




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