Designed to track all of life’s easy to lose items, Tile has become the tech solution to finding your lost items. Each Tile product can connect to your phone using Bluetooth to send alerts as well as track any missing or misplaced items.  To lose something is human, but to be able to find it with the push of a button is divine. To help you find the Tile product that is right for you, we’ve rounded up the new launches from Tile this fall that will work for all of your most treasured belongings.

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The New Products from Tile

Tile Sticker

Introducing the easiest tracking solution yet, Tile Sticker. Tile Sticker is the smallest member of the Tile family. It’s waterproof and comes with an adhesive back created in collaboration with 3Mso it can be easily attached to virtually anything*. With a three-year battery life and an adhesive** that’s designed to last 3-5 years, Tile Sticker is ideal for families and people on the go. As with other members of the Tile product family — Slim, Mate and Pro — Sticker includes smart home integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Shortcuts and Comcast Xfinity X1 for enhanced finding.

Tile Mate

The updated Tile Mate is perfect for the essentials in your daily routine. Mate now comes with a longer 200-foot range, making it easier to use and more reliable.

Tile Pro

The updated Tile Pro is our most powerful Bluetooth finder. Now featuring 400-foot range and our loudest ring, Pro is both durable and stylish, coming in both white and a new black on black finish.

Tile Slim

The updated Tile Slim was designed for special use cases that require a low profile. It can easily slip into narrow spaces or lay flat on expensive devices. Led by customer feedback, Slim is now the shape of a credit card to better fit into wallets but still packs power. It also has improved durability, an increased range of 200 feet, a louder ring and a three-year battery.



  1. I would give it to my husband so he wouldn’t lose his keys so often!

  2. Robyn Bellefleur Reply

    I would use it by attaching it to my wallet so I stop losing it.

  3. Amy Heffernan Reply

    Oh my gosh my KEYS!! I am always loosing them. 🙁

  4. Ideally, it would be my phone, if I did not still have a house phone to call my cell I would be lost. Secondly, my coffee cup .
    But in all reality, I would use it on my key chain

  5. Definitely the super expensive to replace, but easy to lose car key fob thingy!

  6. It would be for my boyfriend that always lose his car keys , wallet , cellphone

  7. I would use tile with my hone as I leave it at the gym all the time.

  8. Maranda Hymes Reply

    We’d stick one straight on the keys. Literally just spent the past 5 minutes trying to remember where the heck we’d set them down. 😂

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