Whenever you’re looking for an adventurous night out Quebec’s largest city, chances are Montreal will instantly bless you with its abundance of unusual bars and restaurants. Montreal just oozes coolness from every street corner and it’s no wonder it sits right behind New York City as the city that holds the most restaurants per capita. This means the competition is fierce among businesses forcing them to be unique, singular, and most importantly, memorable. In the spirit, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite unusual places in Montreal that will make your night one to remember.

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The Lockhart Cocktail Bar

Harry Potter… Nuff’ Said.


3979 rue Saint-Denis


Chez Serge

The perfect setting for sports nights and if you don’t scare easily, hop on the mechanical bull!

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5301 Boulevard Saint-Laurent


Candi Bar

Candy-based cocktails, the menu made of legos, burlesque decor with a VERY colourful design and dance floor: GIRLS NIGHT OUT!

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1148 Avenue Mont-Royal Est

Fibo-Resto Loft 

One of the only places in Montreal that offer molecular cuisine at an affordable price.

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Reservations only
215 Notre Dame Ouest



If roughly translated, O.NOIR means in total darkness and as the name dictates, guests are to eat their meal in complete darkness! Talk about stimulating your senses and imagination. Also, the entire wait staff is visually impaired which will help customers gain a better understanding of what it’s like to live with this disability.

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124 Prince Arthur Est


Two locations with over 1,500 board games to play! A fun night indeed!


Rosemont: 6505 des Écores
Quartier Latin: 2041 Saint-Denis



Bar George 

Where modern romances with the past.  Formerly the home of Sir George Stephen,  a Scottish- Québécois business tycoon and prominent figure of Montreal’s history, the estate became in 1962 a private gentlemen’s business club named The Mount Stephen which is now a modern boutique hotel adjacent to the estate. The Victorian mansion has now been renamed Bar George offering the clientele contemporary takes on classic U.K. dishes spiked with Québécois quirks and an impressive bar with its opulent oval shape.

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Le Mount Stephen
1440, rue Drummond


Ping Pong Club

Playing ping pong and Foosball while sipping on a cold one? Yes, please!

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5788 Boul St-Laurent


House of Jazz 

A Montreal landmark of entertainment, cuisine, and history! This iconic establishment has been a home to Canada’s finest Jazz musicians since 1981.

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2060 rue Aylmer


Cover image: Bar George

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