You know on hot summer days when you just want to have a good gin tonic but yet, don’t have the ingredients to make that refreshing drink right in the comfort of your own home? Well, the season just got a whole lot hotter! Montreal based Romeo’s Gin just launched its new gin tonic formula and it’s a godsend invention. Yes, it is now possible to buy gin tonic ready-to-drink at any SAQ in Quebec since April.

For the mere cost of $14, you can get four cans of gin tonic (basically the price you’d pay for ONE gin tonic with Romeo’s Gin at any bar!) and still taste as good as the one you’d get in any establishment. Crafted and bottled in Quebec, this first-of-its-kind drink has all the components that will make a gin tonic delicious with its carbonated filtered water gin, cane sugar, natural flavours, citric acid and potassium sorbet.


Yet this ready-to-drink Gin Tonic might seem incredible but wait until you hear the story of the brand that combines local and high-end product. The mastermind behind Romeo’s Gin is also the same as Pur Vodka (yes, that same vodka that was awarded best vodka in the world). With its local philosophy, it was only fitted to sought Montreal street artist TAVA who’s known for its use of vivid colours and works inspired by Pop Art in order to create the logo of their new product.

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