Besides the freedom to work anytime, anywhere today’s globetrotting, remote-working professionals enjoy, they also have great earning potential. The first bold step toward becoming a digital nomad can be intimidating because you don’t know where to go or how to use your time. Nowadays many people choose the digital nomad lifestyle.

Many professionals with years of experience working remotely opt to live in one location for months or years at a time, immersing themselves in the local culture while living as a local would. Despite this, some cities aren’t as accommodating to this lifestyle as others.

The following list of the world’s best cities for digital nomads will help you make an informed choice on where to live and work. But before we get into the list we will discuss some interesting career choices for digital nomads.

Exciting Side Jobs 

While there are some obvious career choices for digital nomads, with the development of technology there are now many interesting side job opportunities for digital nomads that are quite untraditional. The obvious jobs and the jobs many digital nomads opt for are freelance jobs, such as freelance writers, freelance illustrators, graphic designers, etc. What is appealing about these jobs is that in most cases they don’t require you to work full time so you have the opportunity to explore the places you live in. If you are more fond of gaming and strategy you could try out playing poker. As in other online occupations here you can manage your own time and be active on your own terms. 

The first step to becoming an online poker player is finding the right online casino is to try out a few different games first. On websites like you can find guides showing the best online casinos in Canada. After you have found an online casino, you can work on improving your skills and start enjoying online poker as a digital nomad. Now that we have given you some ideas on what side occupation to choose as a digital nomad.

How do you choose a city?

Certain attributes in cities attract digital nomads. You should be able to maintain a healthy work-life balance and still enjoy plenty of excitement while you’re there. In terms of digital nomads, the following are the main reasons why cities are appealing:

Accommodation & living costs

For digital nomads who are interested in spending time in a city, a good mix of housing options and a low cost of living are crucial. Flexible short-term rentals offer more accommodations for digital nomads in any city because they provide more options for those wanting to live that lifestyle.

Infrastructure & speed of Internet

As a digital nomad, you must have reliable, fast internet access to be productive and successful. As a result, cities with the best co-working environments, nomad-friendly cafes, and reliable internet infrastructure are renowned for accommodating professionals with remote working and globe-trotting lifestyles.

Featured Amenities

In addition to medical centers and tourist information centers, a city’s sights, amenities, and pubs are essential to its status as a digital nomad-friendly city.

Where to Live as a Digital Nomad

Following our discussion of what makes a digital nomad-friendly destination, let’s look at some of the best cities for digital nomads around the globe. They all meet the above criteria and are vibrant, inviting, and attractive.

Lisbon, Portugal

The city’s lower living costs compared to other Western European cities, the proximity to beautiful beaches, and the many iconic cultural landmarks make it a favorite among English-language teachers and digital nomads alike. In addition to Lisbon’s abundance of internet-friendly cafés and bars, the city’s affordable transportation system also makes it a very attractive place for digital nomads.

Istanbul, Turkey

Aside from offering a wide range of flexible and affordable short-term accommodation options and a great cafe culture that is conducive to remote work, Istanbul is the perfect place to explore this majestic nation because it offers cheap internal flights to many other stunning Turkish destinations.

Prague, Czech Republic

It is safe to say that Prague is one of Europe’s most iconic cities. Known for its Gothic, Baroque, and Romanesque architecture and small cobbled lanes with hidden cafes, bars, and authentic Czech restaurants, Prague deserves a visit from every digital nomad. 

Chiang Mai, Thailand

A vibrant and laid-back city in the hills of Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is located on the eastern coast of the country. This city is bordered by emerald-green mountains and forests, which are ideal for exploring nature on weekends or evenings. While accommodations aren’t cheap as they were in the past, they’re still affordable compared to other Southeast Asian destinations. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Digital nomads are increasingly attracted to Buenos Aires’ friendly Argentinian hospitality, striking landmarks, and depreciating currency, which makes living expenses more affordable.

A List of Other Cities for Digital Nomads

Aside from these five incredible digital nomad destinations, there are a few others that are also ideal for remote workers:

  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Medellin, Colombia
  • Krakow, Poland
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Tenerife, Spain
  • Tbilisi, Georgia

Digital nomadism will grow in popularity as more cities cater to traveling professionals. Fortunately, these destinations will provide plenty of memorable experiences for now. Choosing your next big adventure is as simple as taking those first bold steps toward becoming a digital nomad.

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