Pokemon is an acronym for Pocket Monsters, and the name describes little cartoon creatures created in Japan in 1995, which soon became globally popular. Then, suddenly, the fame faded away, but today they are popular again, especially Pokemon cards that can reach up to several thousands of dollars! So the real question is – why are Pokemon cards so popular all of a sudden?

There are several reasons for that. Some people say it is because of nostalgia for the old days. However, it seems the real reasons are influencers and YouTubers who make the cards popular again while earning a lot of money. By that, we don’t mean playing them for wagers like you would on Canadian online casino websites,  but rather by trading them or opening them on live shows. It is exciting that some of the cards are out of stock because of the overwhelming demand. For example, the famous shopping platform eBay reported that in 2020 it was sold over 4 million trading cards more than in 2019 and for Pokemon cards, only sales went up 574%!

Hipsters Vibes

The Pokemon cards craze has hipsters vibes, and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Finding, buying and unboxing Pokemon cards sets is a real business online these days – many people record everything, and all these surprises are online. But, on the other hand, many people enjoy watching the whole process. 

Some of the holographic sets of the 25th-anniversary re-print cards can cost up to 450 US dollars. In comparison, ‘ordinary’ sets can cost 160 dollars (Pokémon Sword and Shield Rebel Clash Booster Box) or 260 dollars (Vivid Voltage Booster box).

However, there are even more significant numbers in this business. For example, American YouTuber Paul Logan purchased Pikachu illustrated card, and it was supposed to be worth 2 million dollars – but in the end, he discovered it was a fake! A story says he hit his window and got nine stitches on his hand. Nine stitches instead of 2 million dollars – what the damage!

For Kids and Adults

Collecting and trading cards is a unique hobby both for kids and adults. We don’t need to be surprised by this fact because long before computers and YouTube, playing with cards and trading them has been amongst the best interests for all kids. Some adults say that now they have a chance to collect all the cards they craved as kids. 

Also, statistics say that the popularity of Pokemon cards has grown since the release of the video game Pokemon Go in 2016. Even though it had mixed reviews and many critics because of technical problems and security concerns, it got downloaded more than 500 million times in 2016. As a result, it became one of the most profitable games in that year. 

Rarest of the rare has always been attractive, and the same is with the Pokemon cards. Since it is a global phenomenon, the attraction is even more significant – who has the rarest Pokemon card in the world? This question is still waiting for the answer, and, undoubtedly, the card craze will not end anytime soon.  

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