One of the priorities of a busy traveler is taking care of their skin. From dry planes to sun exposure, there are a number of conditions that busy travellers face that can take a number on their skin. That’s why finding a relaxing spa at home that can treat your worries is important.  Located along the Danforth in Toronto, Ici Paris Skin Care Clinic & Spa has 41 years of experience focusing on the latest innovative techniques and advanced holistic therapies while providing customers with the highest quality skin treatments, products and stress escapes.

For the busy traveler,  facial therapies  are a great way to refresh, relax and repair after the stress of travel. While their skin care consultants are able to provide you with the best recommondation for a treatment based on your needs, smeone who is on the road a lot could benefit from the Double Glycholic Facial or Double Oxygen Facial.

Double Glycolic Facial
This facial doubles the benefits of deep pore cleansing and exfoliation by using glycolic acid based products. The strength of Glycolic Peel ranges between 30% and 40%. You can expect from this intensive treatment a reduction of blemishes, control of excess oil, smoother skin texture and tone, diminished fine lines, wrinkles and hyper pigmentation, and improvement in overall quality of the skin.
Price: $125  – 90 min

Double Collagen Facial
The Clayton Shagal Collagen is a 99% pure extracted collagen which can penetrate into the dermis to increase the volume of collagen for stronger and healthier skin. By the end of this treatment the suppleness and density of your skin will be improved and the fine lines and wrinkles diminished.

Price: $150  –  90 min

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