Not only did we have the pleasure of decorating this condo, but we also work with our client when she recently sold the property to help reimagine the space for the real estate market.  The key to staging a home is to blend a mixture of the seller’s own items but display them in an elevated way to the space photographs well, and the client is able to live in the space during the process.  Our vision was inspired by the mid-century wood tones and European flair of a boutique condo.

Luckily for us, this south-facing condo was filled during the day with natural light.  With enough light to illuminate the entire space during the day, we didn’t need to add additional features or LED bulbs to give it a brighter glow.

The biggest focal element in this space was the large bookshelf. Before the sale, the bookshelf served as an extension of kitchen storage that brought an architectural element to the condo. By thinning out the items and creating a colour story between the shelves, the bookshelf brought a unique and memorable Scandinavian element to the listing.

When decorating a kitchen, especially in a condo, less is more. We focused on highlighting the high-end appliances by limiting the items on the countertop, but by adding greenery to keep the space feeling lively and fresh.

The bedroom was a bit larger than we have seen before in a condo. Instead of filling the space with items, we used decor elements like the basket and ottoman to show potential buyers how versatile this room is but kept the dresser inside the room to give them a glimpse into how large furniture might fit into this space.

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