Mr. Bannock, Vancouver’s first Indigenous food truck, first began driving through the city in January 2018 joining the over 100 food trucks that currently  roam the city. Chef/owner Paul Natrall marries delicious food made with traditional ingredients from Squamish Nation with Vancouver’s booming food trend. The truck’s current menu features a selection of Indian Tacos (beef, vegetarian, and vegan options available), honey waffle bannock with a juniper berry dry rub, and slow smoked chicken served with a fresh apple slaw and hot sauce.

We take pride and joy in sharing fusion Indigenous cuisine, using traditional ingredients from Squamish Nation such as juniper berries, smoked wild salmon and meats, and traditional methods such as clay baking and stone baking” -Chef Paul Natrall

Mr. Bannock celebrates indigenous culture creating dishes with traditional ingredients to make their tasty dished. The truck itself has also been designed by Heiltsuk artist KC Hall, features berries, the three sisters of squash, corn, and beans.

In 2012, Chef Natrall showcased his cooking chops at the Culinary Olympics in Erfort, Germany. Natrall’s team was the first Indigenous presence the competition had seen in over 20 years, where Natrall presented a platter of a number of various salmon found in the Pacific Northwest to an international culinary audience.

This summer, find  Mr. Bannock motoring around Vancouver at special events and festivals. The truck will also be hitting the road soon and can be found on Vancouver’s Street Food app (available on iPhone and Android) and on social media.

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