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William Gray in Old Montreal, a boutique hotel like no other

The boutique hotel in Old Montreal that has it all...
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For the past 30 years, the Antonopoulos Group has been rejuvenating Montreal’s heritage sites by opening several restaurants, spas and boutique hotels. With its newest addition to their portfolio,  Hôtel William Gray has taken Old Montreal by storm since its 2016 opening making the hotel a prime destination for locals and international travelers.

Before we dive in, here’s a small history lesson. The hotel houses not only one, but two historic buildings -the Maison Edward-William Gray and the Maison Cherrier. A sheriff and merchant by the name of Edward-William Gray and his wife, Margaret Oakes, built the property in the late 1700s to serve as both a warehouse and shops while to southern part served as their home. Today, this lot symbolizes the only living examples of an 18th-century property that combines residence and work, which was common practice at the time.

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Hôtel William Gray

Where is the Hôtel William Gray in Montreal located?

One can say Hôtel William Gray is in the heart of Old Montreal as the latter stands right by the historic Place Jacques-Cartier. The hotel is also within walking distance of several main attractions the city offers: not only in Old Montreal but also the Financial District.  Additionally, many of our favorites spots for a quick drink after work are in the area, which you can read right here.  Located at 421 rue Saint Vincent, the boutique hotel is not only a prime location for a stay but also counts great amenities that draw crowds from all over and Montrealers alike.

What do the rooms look like at the Hôtel William Gray

The hotel itself mixes modern design and historic architecture. All of their 127 rooms are no exception:  full of light, furnished with carefully curated furniture and offer stunning views of Montreal.

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Hôtel William Gray

What about the amenities?

One can say the amenities are one of the main factors of what drives the flocks to this establishment. Sure you have the 24-hour gym, a lovely Living Room with a pool table, large meeting spaces for small and large events, and a luxurious spa. What makes William Gray Hôtel so unique is its’ 2 rooftop restaurants –Perché and Terrasse William Gray–  which both made their way to our last year’s edition of best terraces in Montreal, and  Maggie Oakes, another restaurant located on the main floor.

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Hôtel William Gray

Here are a few words about Maggie Oakes Brasserie Montréalaise

Named after Edward-William Gray’s wife, Maggie Oakes Brasserie Montréalaise marries both Montreal’s culinary vibrant scene with American bistro. The menu offers a perfect blend of seasonal vegetables and quality meat (we dare you to try the dry-meat, to die for!). As for cocktails go, Maggie Oakes has given itself the task to once again support Montreal’s local business by reinventing their happy hour formula with MONTREAL COCKTAIL series, using at one might suspects: local products from local companies. Each month, Maggie Oakes will be releasing one cocktail inspired by and named after a neighborhood of Montreal. This month, they’re kicking it off with the MILE-END cocktail (think of an espresso martini, which is delicious!) Also, each cocktail will cost a mere $10.00 for the whole month of May. 


To book your stay at Old Montreal’s William Gray Boutique Hotel, click right here

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