Calling the world’s bravest and most out-going travellers. Intrepid Travel wants you! They have just launched their brand-new Uncharted Expedition, which will take a select group of global people on a 22-day mystery trip starting in Kazakhstan and ending in Mongolia. The expedition, departing June 30, 2019, has been designed to celebrate the company’s 30 years of operations next year. Featuring some towns and villages, which can’t be found on Google Maps, the 22-day expedition traverses a route that the world’s largest adventure company has never travelled before.

The trip harkens back to the first-ever Intrepid Travel trip in 1989, when the co-founders took their friends on an unplanned and unresearched trip through the African continent in an overland truck – which led to the birth of what is now the world’s largest adventure travel company. The expedition, which must be applied for, is meant for people who truly embody the word intrepid – those who are curious about the world, who are fearless and open-minded.

The trip will be led by one of Intrepid Travel’s most experienced local leaders, and has been secretly planned with the guidance and expert knowledge of its destination managers. Beyond the departure point of Astana, Kazakhstan, and the finishing point of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, the trip itinerary will be full of unknowns – with travellers only given small hints about what’s in store. The only certainty is that they’ll explore little-known parts of Central Asia.


Intrepid Travel’s Uncharted Expedition is available from today, at $6,650 CAD per person, excluding flights. Spaces are strictly limited to one departure only.

For more information, or to apply for your place on the trip, visit:


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