When I was in university I would procrastinate on my school work or delay studying with crafting. But, little did I know that diving into a craft project would be helpful to my studies because it helped to calm and clear my mind. With our lives being a little slower this year, it has been a great time to get back into crafting and to do something creative. What I love more about We Are Knitters is that not only are their patterns chic and easy to follow, they come with all of the supplies you need. This not only makes it easier to try something new but takes away the running around when you’re looking for something to do in lockdown. For those looking for a fun project to do, here are my three favourite crafts to try from We Are Knitters.

Sun Gazer – Embroidery Kit (Intermediate)

The best part of an embroidery kit is how portable it is. While this may not make a difference while we’re spending more time at home, this craft is the perfect project to bring up to a cottage or keep you occupied on your commute. This fun pattern can be sewn onto any fabric as long as it is washable, and has enough tension to stay put in the loom.

Sun Gazer – Embroidery Kit

Lygia – Petit Point Kit (Easy)

Petit point is similar to embroidery but it requires a bit more attention to detail because of the precise nature of the stitched through the canvas. These kits, made in collaboration with Juanjo Oliva, are a colourful addition to any room.

Lygia – Petit Point Kit

Merida Blanket – Knitting Kit (Easy)

What I love most about the knitting kits from We Are Knitters is that they are customizable. For a design like this one, you can pick the four cotton yarns to create a unique design and match this blanket to your space. For a seasoned knitter, you also have the option to remove the needles from the kit saving you $16.

Merida Blanket - Knitting Kit
Merida Blanket – Knitting Kit

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