After a long night of flying, we finally arrived at our destination, Nantes, yesterday morning. Although I’ve travelled to France a few times over the years, this was my first time visiting the Atlantic coast of the country. Located in between Brittany and the Loire Valley, Nantes is a dynamic and cultural city that is only 2 hours away from Paris by train. Over the next few days, 8 bloggers from Canada have been sent to 4 locations across France to help showcase and share the regional cuisine to you, our readers. In addition to my daily travel diaries, you can follow the adventure on social media under the hashtag #FestiveFrance!

Yesterday morning, we arrived in Nantes bright and early to begin a full day of touring. During this long weekend adventure, I am staying at the gorgeous art hotel, The Pommeraye Hotel, located in the hear of Nantes vibrant city centre (and main shopping district!). The lobby is filled with unique art installations and decor while each room is modern yet is decorated in such a way that it automatically makes you feel at home. Their daily breakfast menu is filled with fresh produce and healthy alternatives to help busy travellers get the energy that they need to start the day. NantesWe then ventured to the office of Le Voyage a Nantes to learn a little bit more about the city. Over the last couple years, the tourism office in Nantes has been dedicated into promoting the city as a culinary destination and create new culinary programs to help involve and engage the public. From their Diner en Secret to the comprehensive guide on the best restaurants and cafes in Nantes, the city has quickly established itself on the map as a destination in France that “foodies” should not miss. With their own unique ways of cooking and food, influenced by local produce and seafood as well as their French and Brenton roots, Nantes is the ideal city for us to celebrate the French Cuisine Festival this weekend to learn more about their culinary diversity. Nantes NantesNantesShirt: RW & CO | Pants: Gerry Weber | Shoes: ECCO | Watch: Wittnauer Nantes is also renown for its experimental and new age art scene creating Les Machines de L’ile; an industrial art complex held on the old shipyards. Designed by Francois Delaroziere and Pierre Orefice, this artistic project now has an entire gallery and complex that features a wide selection of functional industrial creatures that come to life for their visitor’s enjoyment. From a walking giant elephant structure to a mystical marine life and underwater carousel, Les Machines de L’ile is located just beside the Loire river. NantesNantesNantes NantesShirt: RW & CO | Pants: Gerry Weber | Shoes: ECCO | Watch: Wittnauer We finished our first day at Comedie des Vins for a glass of white Muscadet, an assortment of French cheeses and cured meats. A local favourite, this tapas bar provided a relaxing haven after our busy day to unwind with fresh and affordable food. NantesNantes

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