If you’re looking for a way to save money during your kitchen renovation or just a fun project to do, spray painting your kitchen handles are a quick and easy way to modernize the space. Plus, a can of spray paint will only cost $10 (and can be used for multiple projects), whereas brand new kitchen handles will set you back upwards of $100 to outfit a full kitchen. We realized that replacing all 22 kitchen cupboard and drawer handles might be a bit too expensive to achieve the subtle change the kitchen needed. Because our appliances are dark, and the light fixture that we were bringing over to this space has black and gold accents, painting the kitchen handles darker would minimize the silver accents in the kitchen and add a neutral focus point for the mixed metals in a kitchen. Here’s how to spray paint your kitchen hardware.


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How to Spray Paint Kitchen Handles

When someone tells you that something is as easy as 1-2-3, they’re usually lying. But this DIY project is REALLY easy to do. So easy, your children could even help! If the hardware in your kitchen is still in good shape, you won’t need to do much more in terms of preparation other than unscrewing the handles, washing them, and drying them properly. If there is any rush or damage on your handles, then you’ll want to sand the rust off to create a smooth surface to paint.

Once the hardware is clean, head to a well-ventilated area to create a workspace. I used an old box and lined it with paper and other items from my recycling to protect the garage floor. Spray paint with a paint and primer in one (like this one made by Rustoleum from Home Depot) and ensure that the spray paint is applied evenly. You’ll want to leave at least 30 minutes or so in between coats of paint and before flipping it over to ensure that the spray paint is thoroughly dry.

Once it is, you’re ready to screw the handles back on and enjoy your refreshed kitchen!



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