For all of the jet-setters hoping to escape the cold this winter, look no further than the idyllic island of Martinique. Located in the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean Sea, Martinique is an ideal warm weather destination welcoming tourists with open arms to experience the hospitality of the island. With a wide range of hotels, villas and resorts to stay on the island, here are some suggestions for you next Caribbean vacation.

Facing onto the ocean in Les Trois-Ilets, Hôtel Bakoua has been a longstanding favourite on the island having the ideal seaside location for both business and leisure travellers. With an ocean inlet view among a luscious tropical garden, this hotel has an exquisite onsite restaurant, ocean level bar, raised overflow pool and 132 rooms built in creole style buildings.
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However for all of the travellers looking for something other than the resort, VillaVEO offers a curated selection of rental properties all around Martinique that specializes in high-end holiday property rental. Offering you the chance to relax with ease, VillaVEO has a wide range of properties to choose from to fit your group, family or duo in style. Pictured below is the Coconut Bay Villa – Villa Serenity that can accommodate up to12 guests.
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For a more historic charm, Le Domaine-Saint Aubin is a  set in a restored manor that was once a French plantation. Resorting the estate to the historic charm, you are transported back in time as you relax on the wrap around porch overlooking the sprawling grounds to the ocean.
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Centrally located in Pointe de Bout in Les Trois-Ilets, La Pagerie is a modern hotel that has 96 rooms that circle around the central pool in the courtyard. This hotel is home to two dining establishments on site; the Hibiscus Restaurant and Tropical Cafe and feature a mix of Creole dishes and tropical cocktails.
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As one of two 5-Star hotels on the island, the Cap Est Lagoon Resort and Spa is a secluded hotel situated on a beautiful white sand beach making it a tranquil haven for guests. This luxurious hotel is also home to a standout restaurant under the direction of Chef Jordan Delamotte, former Chef of the Sers Palace on Les Champs Elysées. With a variety of water sports and activities available as well, the Cap Est delights guest with kayaking, kite-surfing and more.
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Hidden in Pointe Thalémont au François, Le Plein Soleil is a stunning 3-star hotel with a view of the Baie de François. A local gem, this boutique hotel is colourfully decorated and has an exquisite onsite restaurant led by Chef Nathanaël Ducteil. Mixing together French and Caribbean cuisine, this refined menu offers guest with a chic interpretation of traditional dishes.
Le Plein Soleil
For the more contemporary traveller, venture over to Les Trois-Ilets to experience La Suite Villa, a trendy 5-star hotel perched on top of a hill that overlooks Martinique’s capital Ford de France. Each room has been designed to satisfy your sweet tooth filled with playful décor items inspired by candy and French confectionary items. The onsite restaurant, Le Zandoli, menu was designed by their chef Ivan Duchene who experiments and reinvents traditional Creole dishes with his own French flair made with only the finest local and freshest ingredients.La Suite VIlla_DSC0547

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