Have you ever found yourself on a long-haul flight trying to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in? Does the flimsy airline pillow or the pouffy donut-shaped neck pillow you picked up at the airport convenience store not cut it? The Montreal-based founders of Ibboo designed the product to solve those exact issues and to create a neck pillow that supports the head at 360 degrees during your flight. After countless sleepless flights and neck pains after an uncomfortable rest, Ibboo was created to solve those common sleep issue travellers face.


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The Travel Sleep Set

Designed with memory foam, the Ibboo is a travel pillow with a unique design that supports the full weight of the head and offers 360-degree support to provide you with the ultimate comfort when you travel. For added support,

Ibboo has designed a lumbar cushion to allow the ultimate rest position for the body and transform even an economy plane seat into something that is a bit more comfortable and ergonomic.

Complete your travel sleep set with an armrest bag to keep you comfortable while in-air.


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How do I put my Ibboo pillow on?

First, place the Ibboo in front of you. Make sure you are looking at the inner side, this is where your neck needs to be. Place the black side around your neck while making sure that the pillow matches your shoulder curves and that the velcro is at the front. When in place, gently tighten the velcro as you want.

How do I place my lumbar cushion?

Place the flat part of the cushion on your back seat. Place the round part at the lower part of your back. Adjust it as you want so you feel comfortable.

How do I use the carrier bag?

Make sure the pillow and the cushions are out of the bag before using it. Place the soft elastic over your neck so the bag comes in front of you. Place your arms inside pocket and have a great sleep!

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